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I'm one of those "Star Wars kids" that grew up in the 60's and 70's, and never had much time for westerns. My late father (from New York, no less), was the one who loved to wile away a Saturday afternoon watching a cowboy movie. One of the last things I watched in his house before he passed away was John Wayne in "The Shootist." The movie choked me up, as I knew that my father, like John Wayne's character, didn't have that much time left. One of the last things John Wayne did before he left his hotel in that film was to buy his headstone.
     I had some interest in westerns as a younger man, as we lived in Phoenix - much of what we saw was filmed only an hour or so down the road. If you see those big saguaro cacti in the picture, it was filmed in central Arizona. The television show "High Chaparral" was one of these. 
     I was absolutely stunned recently when a younger co-worker admitted that they didn't really have any idea who Clint Eastwood was; they only knew him for the movie "Gran Torino." That's where YouTube comes in handy. This person had never seen Clint in action in his Dirty Harry movies, and had no clue as to what a "Spaghetti Western" was.
     A couple of weeks ago, I plunked down a few dollars and bought a triple-pack of these old Clint Eastwood westerns. Now I see why my father loved them so much. Especially "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," which is just an epic film. Not only for Clint, but for Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach who played the humorous villain Tuco. The movie was brilliant from start to finish - I laughed out loud when I saw this scene [link] Yesterday I just got done watching one of those modern films with tons of CGI, and I was bored by it. Hopefully, if you've never sampled one of these old westerns, you'll catch one somewhere...they don't really show them on TV much anymore. Just thought I'd share.
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DeflateGate by Gulliver63
"Hey Brian, remember that time when we..."

For my friends overseas this cartoon may need explaining. In our NFL playoff game here recently, the New England Patriots beat the daylights out of our Indianapolis Colts. Soon after the game the allegation arose that the footballs were under-inflated, and that the New England team had been responsible for this affair. The press got wind of this and named the whole thing "Deflate-gate" in deference to the Nixon Watergate scandal. Frankly I think the whole thing is a bit ridiculous - New England has always been a tough team, and it's a bit silly to blame something like this for our loss. Anyway, this idea bit me on the brain the other day, and I just thought I'd throw it out there. It would make the greatest cutaway gag anyway.

     "Peter, what did you do? It's all over the news..."
Harryhausen by Gulliver63
"Actresses Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson take time away from the filming of their movie 'Valley of the Giants' to visit with special effects master Ray Harryhausen." I really should have done something like this much sooner, as Ray has been gone for nearly two years. This idea hit me before Christmas, and, as usual, the real world got in the way and the project was nearly forgotten about. This was originally going to be a companion piece to the project The Valley of Giants , as if to show how the movie would be filmed. If I could imagine my crazy giantess stuff being made into a film, Ray Harryhausen would have done an amazing job at bringing such a vision to life. Not only was he the master of stop-motion animation, but he was quite an artist in his own right. His book is worth checking out, as of course is his work. Before Star Wars, before all the CG work that we take for granted today, we had Ray and his monsters. I only wish I could have met the man.

I own neither The Simpsons, or Family Guy.
X Simpsons by Gulliver63
X Simpsons
The crowd went into a panic as chaos erupted around them. "Look," shouted a woman, "that donut truck is floating through the air..."

We all know them as just another ordinary family in Springfield...but they keep hanging around at that school for the gifted. Meet Homer/Magneto, Marge/Mystique, Lisa/Storm, Maggie X and Bart/Beast. This project took a bit longer than I'd expected, but it sure was fun. I got "X-Men: Days of Future Past" for Christmas, which got me to doodling.

     The donut truck and several cases of Duff Beer floated up to the portly man with the helmet. "Come to me..."

I own neither The Simpsons or X-Men.
The Discovery of Gulliver by Gulliver63
The Discovery of Gulliver
I was looking at a project I did three years ago, Lisa's Gulliver , and saw that there was much room for improvement. The original was quite flat, with no real perspective. I had a day off of work today, and just decided to put the serious projects aside and have fun with this one. The perspective was fun, and the facial expression was too - I looked over a bunch of model sheets and snips from comic books to get it right. I haven't done as much giantess stuff lately, but I've never closed the playground gate. Consider Lisa surprised.

Lisa Simpson is the property of Matt Groening.
The Mystique of Lisa by Gulliver63
The Mystique of Lisa
"We're safe now Lisa...none of those atrocious mutants can get into the compound." Burns turned around to see a blue woman standing there. "Oh, hello - did you just see a little girl? She was just here a minute ago..."

I finally got around to seeing "X-Men: Days of Future Past," which I got for Christmas from my family. I really want to do more with this idea, but this was the first idea to hit me. Mystique can pass herself off as anyone, including the Simpson kids. 

     Smithers was shocked when he found his boss duct taped to the wall. "Sir, I just wanted to let you know that the mutants have entered the compound."
     " think? Get some scissors and get me off of this wall."

I own neither The Simpsons or X-Men.


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Hey I was thinking how we were talking about Disaster Movies and wondered have you ever drawn anything based on one of those posters before? Next to those Atomic Mutation and Alien Invasion movies. The 70s disaster wave the most awesome posters even when the movies didn't measure up.
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That's not a bad idea. Those movies were just chock full of big name stars.
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Earthquake - I was a 6th grader in Arizona when that came out. Theaters had lines around the building; they made a ton off of those movies.
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