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Yesterday, during a very stressful day at work, I checked my dA account and found that a piece of my artwork was used on a blog page. Typically in the past, if someone has used my art in this fashion, they ask. And I typically tell them 'yes' as long as they mention who did the article. Several people have posted my art pieces in Pinterest, and I get a nice line saying, "This was done by Gulliver63." I don't ask for money, just the credit I deserve. So I go over to and find out that they've not only used the artwork without permission, which doesn't bother me that much, but gave me no credit. And, and, they lobbed off my logo from the piece. Most times I put the logo off to the side where it doesn't interfere with the art, but I guess I'll have to change that. The worst part of this whole cluster was that people were congratulating me as if I'd accomplished something. Believe me, if this had been my original art as opposed to the Fox or Hanna-Barbera characters I usually play with, they'd be hearing from an attorney. All I can really do at this point is just take advantage of the extra attention and post a link to it. And Cracked, if you're reading this, just ask first and give a by line somewhere. I would have been more than happy to do any extra art for you guys if you'd asked.

Here is the link:…
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Tanglewood church sign by Gulliver63
Tanglewood church sign
Amidst all the craziness that I do, giants and Scooby characters fighting horrors unimaginable, I rarely get to show off anything that I've actually done as an artist for pay. This is a sign that features my artwork that I did for my sister-in-law down near Versailles Indiana, not far from Cincinnati. I did several pen and ink pictures of their tiny church a number of years back, and they used the art for bulletins, signs like this one, and even a cook book. This photo was taken ten years ago; I was pleasantly surprised last fall to still see the sign in place, off of 421. Kind of nice to spot your art as you drive along.

I haven't run across many Hoosiers in dA land here...gotta be some somewhere...

Illustration is copyright Robert L. Fitzpatrick 2005.
New App by Gulliver63
New App
I had the day off today, and the weather was absolutely great. I got some new Copics the other day including Ice Ocean, and just decided to have a little fun here. I don't think I've ever noticed Lois with an iPhone. I really like her in cargo pants and a t-shirt.

Lois Griffin is the property of Seth MacFarlane.
Small World by Gulliver63
Small World
This idea hit me several days ago as I was starting to draw Velma again. Anyone familiar with my art knows that among other things, I'm fascinated with the idea of someone running into their twin. In this case, Velma on a trip to Russia runs across her counterpart Katerina, who also solves mysteries. I don't know how this idea hit me, but there it was. Along with her friends and her talking wolfhound Yuri, Katerina and her friends drive an old army UAZ van across the Russian frontier to solve mysteries. I could really do a set-up like this just about anywhere. I nearly did a story like this with Turanga Leela about five years ago, where she runs across a long lost twin in New New York. 

Velma is the property of Hanna-Barbera.
It's a Scooby Thing by Gulliver63
It's a Scooby Thing

Fred turned to Velma. "But, what does it do?"
     It imitates things," she told him,  "and it imitates them perfectly. It was trying to imitate the dogs. But look at this over here - this isn't dog. It was trying to imitate Mr. Baxter before we hit it with the flame-thrower."
     "Like, what are we gonna do?"
     "Shaggy, I'm going to need some more dynamite." 

This project was started just after Christmas, and was nearly forgotten about until last night. Based on John Carpenter's "The Thing," it's just proof that sometimes it's better to leave the mystery unsolved and get the hell out. It probably wasn't a great idea to accept a mystery up near the North Pole at that Norwegian station anyway. Yet hearing Fred scream "Torch it, Velma, torch it!!" would definitely be worth the price of admission.

     Velma looked at her mystery-solving friends grimly. "I've devised a little test to see if any of us is the alien."
     "This is ridiculous..."
     "Fred, you were the last one with the tracking dogs - that's why you're going to be first. Sit down."

Scooby characters are the property of Hanna-Barbera; The Thing is the property of Universal Pictures.

The Velma Unit by Gulliver63
The Velma Unit

"Darned capacitors - they burn out so quickly." Velma paused for a second before placing her forearm back on; she detected the two heat signatures as they entered the room. "I know you're there..."
     Shaggy's voice was frightened and shaky. "Velma..."
     "'re're a...a freaking android!"
     Velma smiled. "Android is a male term - I'd expect that mistake from you. I'm actually classified a gynoid by the programmers that built me. I'm based on one of their nieces that used to love solving mysteries. So now you know."

      This idea was the second of two that hit me today when I got up from my nightshift sleep. This was a blast to do. Poor Shaggy - now it all makes sense to him. Now he knows why Velma never ate with the rest of the gang. Now he knows how Velma could read so many mystery novels so quickly. And now he knows why they were getting all these mysteries from the government to solve. And now he's sworn to secrecy.

Oh, and I want to give a shout out to , who's art is filled with awesome.

     "If you must know, I'm a tracking unit assembled at the robotics labs in Arizona State University. And no, I'm not the socially-inept girl from Ohio as you were led to believe. They're quite pleased with my model - someday there will be hundreds of us...maybe thousands, quietly imbedded into American society."
     She gazed at her arm. "President Nixon has invested too much into this program to have you two blow the lid off of it; if you tell anyone, I'll terminate your life functions. Pity, really - I've grown to like you. My programming finds you...amusing." She turned to see the Shaggy and Scoob, still shaking in stunned terror as she flexed her robotic fingers. "Well don't just stand there - hand me that spanner wrench."

Scooby Doo is the property of Hanna-Barbera. 



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