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I'm one of those "Star Wars kids" that grew up in the 60's and 70's, and never had much time for westerns. My late father (from New York, no less), was the one who loved to wile away a Saturday afternoon watching a cowboy movie. One of the last things I watched in his house before he passed away was John Wayne in "The Shootist." The movie choked me up, as I knew that my father, like John Wayne's character, didn't have that much time left. One of the last things John Wayne did before he left his hotel in that film was to buy his headstone.
     I had some interest in westerns as a younger man, as we lived in Phoenix - much of what we saw was filmed only an hour or so down the road. If you see those big saguaro cacti in the picture, it was filmed in central Arizona. The television show "High Chaparral" was one of these. 
     I was absolutely stunned recently when a younger co-worker admitted that they didn't really have any idea who Clint Eastwood was; they only knew him for the movie "Gran Torino." That's where YouTube comes in handy. This person had never seen Clint in action in his Dirty Harry movies, and had no clue as to what a "Spaghetti Western" was.
     A couple of weeks ago, I plunked down a few dollars and bought a triple-pack of these old Clint Eastwood westerns. Now I see why my father loved them so much. Especially "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," which is just an epic film. Not only for Clint, but for Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach who played the humorous villain Tuco. The movie was brilliant from start to finish - I laughed out loud when I saw this scene [link] Yesterday I just got done watching one of those modern films with tons of CGI, and I was bored by it. Hopefully, if you've never sampled one of these old westerns, you'll catch one somewhere...they don't really show them on TV much anymore. Just thought I'd share.
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Rockapulco by Gulliver63
This goes out to my friend , who wanted to see a sexier Wilma Flintstone. I kicked around several ideas, and settled on this one at the last minute. Things can be cold and gray in Bedrock around this time of year, and Rockapulco is fairly close by Pterodactyl Airlines. Good grief, it snowed here in Indiana today, and they're looking for 17 degrees tomorrow morning; I can empathize. Heck, everyone can use some Rockapulco, as long as the volcanoes aren't erupting.

The Flintstones are the property of Hanna-Barbera.  
Amy 1999 by Gulliver63
Amy 1999
Here's another one from three years ago that I've never posted here at dA. When I was a kid, I grew up with a show called "Space:1999." Here we have Amy Wong as a member of Moonbase Alpha. A few days ago I ran across this great piece that I just geeked out over… , and I remembered my fashion piece here. I always thought the uniforms were pretty decent looking, and I love that taupe color in them. BTW, this isn't my first Space:1999 pic… .

     After I did this, I realized how amazing Amy looks in short hair.

I own neither Space:1999 or Futurama.
Amy Wong, the Costington Girl by Gulliver63
Amy Wong, the Costington Girl
I did this nearly three years ago, and was surprised that I hadn't posted it up at dA. This was done when I was trying to learn the color-coordination thingee of fashion drawing. I'm proud to say that my wife suggested the purple boots, as they were originally dark pink - I think that really set the whole thing off. I think this has a very 1960's feel to it, but is sort of timeless anyway. I call her the "Costington Girl" because I lifted her from this earlier comic…

Amy Wong is the property of Matt Groening.
Wilma by Gulliver63
This is the cover of the photoshoot Wilma Flintstone did for "Bedrock Monthly" as part of an article on the housewives of Bedrock. I was going to do something else this morning, and this idea hit me. My friend had suggested a sexier Wilma at one point; I know she's not terribly sexy, but she's got her own way of expressing it. The pose came from a modelling shot of a Bollywood actress, and I knew I was going to do something with it sometime. At any rate, we have a Wilma who is confident and attractive.

The Flintstones belong to Hanna-Barbara.
Fry Gulliver V by Gulliver63
Fry Gulliver V
Gulliver was startled when he saw the huge eye in the window of the dollhouse; Amy, the queen's lady in waiting, was always curious about what their tiny visitor was doing.
     "Mr. Gulliver," Amy said, "the queen wants to ask you more questions about this Britain of yours."

     Last week, on my birthday, I finally found a copy of the 1995 Gulliver's Travels DVD in Half Price Books. I've been prowling around looking for that thing for ages. I've always loved it, not only for its CG work, but because it is very canon to the original book. I grabbed a gob of screen grabs from it, and I came across the scene where the queen and her lady asked Gulliver questions while they walked...and he ran. And, again, I went back to those great costume styles we saw in "All The President's Heads." This picture is the fifth in a series that I started a year ago,… and… and… and…

Futurama is the property of Matt Groening.


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