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American Beauty by Gulliver63
American Beauty
The other day I was watching a movie review video that was discussing the "rose fantasy" scene from "American Beauty." Even though I was familiar with some of the actors of the film, I've never actually seen it. I dialed up the scene, and this was the first thing that came to mind; a midsummer night's dream of Principal Skinner. 

Here's a little Bill Bruford to go with it...…

The Simpsons are the property of Matt Groening.
Dr. Meg by Gulliver63
Dr. Meg
Cue up…
After an experiment went terribly wrong, Meg Griffin became America's greatest superhero, and went out to fight wars for her country. When she started blowing people apart, fights with her brother ceased, and her father began having much more respect for her.

     I was working on another project, but I got to watching clips from "The Watchmen" last night. And this is what came out of it.

     "Mother, I'm going to Mars today; I think I'll start my own race of creatures."
     "Oh...okay. Just let me know when you get in."

I own neither franchise.
Batman v Marge by Gulliver63 by Gulliver63
Batman v Marge by Gulliver63
"Consider this mercy." Marge then sprang into the air and disappeared.

I'm still having fun with the weightlifting Marge from "Strong Arm of the Ma" where she whipped everyone in Moe's Bar. When I did my first one of these, I knew more were on the way… . This idea actually came to me as I was working on the first picture. I really was impressed by parts of Batman vs. Superman, and wanted to have fun with it. As far as the comic cover went, I decided to go for an old-school look, with the logo at the top. I'm sure these two will work their differences out, but there's going to be a battle first. I don't know if I'd mess with her, seeing as she's beating the tar out of Joker.

Marge is the property of Matt Groening.
The Wicker Man by Gulliver63
The Wicker Man
The Simpson gang recently did a little something different and made a remake of the 1973 film "The Wicker Man." Chief Wiggum must look for a missing girl on an island ruled by a cult headed by a mad schoolteacher. He really shines as an actor in the scene where he holds the Krusty doll and shouts, "How'd it get burned? How'd it get burned?"

     I didn't know whether anyone had done this - the show had some homages to it, namely in the form of a burning wicker man in the backyard. I just love the crazed-looking Edna with the face paint. 

     "Uh...are the bees here part of your religious ceremony?"
Magic Crystal by Gulliver63
Magic Crystal
"...Two women traveled many leagues across the Northern Deserts from the Giant Lands to bring one of the seven crystals back to its proper place in the Cave of Storms. Once the crystal took its place with the other six, the women knew that balance would be restored to the land of Seldomknown. When they finally made their way among the ruins of the dead city, they came upon a council of elves, humans, centaurs and cyclopes; they knew that they'd arrived at the right place."

     Yesterday I looked over several projects, and none looked interesting to me. I then did this doodle… and thought, "Hey - this looks interesting." A desert sojourn is strange and mysterious...throw in two giants and a T-rex, and it's even more so. And a magic crystal. And I even threw in a sandstorm - I was caught in one of those things once while riding a bike in Phoenix.

     You go girls. 

Marge Simpson is the property of Matt Groening.
Lois Griffin is the property of Seth MacFarlane.
The world of Seldomknown is the property of Robert Fitzpatrick.


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