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More Lois Summer Looks by Gulliver63
More Lois Summer Looks
This is the kind of stuff I dork around with on my rare days off from work. I like these first two because Lois looks really good in teal blue and lavender shirts. The third picture was based on one that I played around with over two years ago, with Columbia shoes. This is how I play.

Lois Griffin is the property of Seth MacFarlane.
Good Muppets by Gulliver63
Good Muppets

Yes, Oscar the Grouch made the mistake of bringing up the fact that Ernie once shined shoes; it was a mistake that would prove to be fatal for him. And Ernie always had that quick temper. He was brutally killed right there in the bar, and Bert even helped him do it. Oscar's body was buried in the woods in upstate New York on a foggy night. But this in itself would prove to be a fatal mistake, as Oscar was a made-man, a member of an Italian crime family. Years later, when it came time to bring Ernie into the mob, he was wacked - and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Bert and his friends would just have to sit and take it. And to think that poor Big Bird tried to diffuse the situation before it went too far...

     This picture came about one night when I had just watched the iconic scene from "Goodfellas" where gangster Billy Batts was killed, and then stumbled across some pictures of Sesame Street on dA; most notable was this fantastic picture that I'd seen before… . One thing led to another, and the two images were mashed together. I was also amazed at how the characters blended into their roles so well. If someone out there hasn't seen the death of Billy Batts, here it is… . When I first put together the pencil sketch, I burst out laughing. I still think it's one of the funniest projects I've ever done. I'll bet that no one has ever drawn Bert doing a Bob DeNiro. Anyway, that Sesame Street sure has gone downhill since the mob moved in.

I own neither of these two franchises.

Amy Pop by Gulliver63
Amy Pop
I forgot to share this one - I did this for a friend named Flounder over at Futurama Madhouse. I recently did a story where the Planet Express crew had to enter a band contest on late 20th century Earth to help out some friends… . Amy Wong was the keyboardist who did the kind of pop music you'd expect from her. And look - it's even autographed.

Amy Wong is the property of Matt Groening.
Species by Gulliver63
This was based on a doodle that I did at work the other day to kill some time...a Lois in a giant universe studying an interesting little creature she found in the woods the other day. This was done on an 8 X 10 drawing pad that I bought the other day, and I'm really liking it - it is smooth surfaced paper, thick 80 lb. sheets, and it handles marker really well. It's essentially vellum stock. I know I've done way too much of this stuff over the years, but I still have a lot of fun with it. Lois, being a kind soul, will probably release Amy back into the woods. BTW, I've never drawn her in reading glasses, but doesn't she look great in them?

Lois is the property of Seth MacFarland.
Amy Wong is the property of Matt Groening.
A Convergence of Marges by Gulliver63
A Convergence of Marges

Marge glanced on in horror as she soon found herself surrounded by copies of herself.
     "I don't know who any of you are, but I'm Marge Simpson of Springfield."
     One of the Marges, this one in more of a military uniform, spoke up. "I have no idea who you are, but when the Dear Leader finds out that you've kidnapped one of his top scientists...consider yourself an enemy of the state!"
     The one in tie-dye then spoke. "I think it's just so freaked-up that all of us Marges are here in one room...sort of a harmonic convergence, man..."
     Marge then heard a squeaky high-pitched voice come up from the floor. "I was in my kitchen...what the hell is this - Land of the Giants?"
     Marge turned to Professor Frink. "They keep coming..."
     Frink looked puzzled. "Oh dear...I was afraid of this. According to my calculations, this area of time-space will be completely filled with Marges in approximately 101 minutes."
     The stocky Marge just smiled, and offered a bowl of cheesy poofs...

Here it is, a gaggle of Marges. got to see the beginning sketches to this the other night, and the ideas were all over the place. I got the inspiration from my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Parallels" where the Enterprise was suddenly encountering a gob of other Enterprises, all from different parallel universes. One of the ideas I kicked around was to have several of the Marges be from other countries; I still want to do one from India, as I've done this one from Japan… . I finally settled on four universes: the Universe of Evil, the Hippie Universe - seen in Futurama, the Big-Boned Universe, and, of course, the Lilliput Universe. And remember that more are popping in by the minute.

     The Marge in the tie-dye dress spoke to the military Marge. "We live in a and my old man Homey. it's really beautiful."
     "I was conscripted into the military at 18. Get a job..."

All Simpson characters are the property of Matt Groening.



Grand Galactic Inquisitor
United States
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Personal Quote: "Never just settle for anything or anyone"

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