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I'm one of those "Star Wars kids" that grew up in the 60's and 70's, and never had much time for westerns. My late father (from New York, no less), was the one who loved to wile away a Saturday afternoon watching a cowboy movie. One of the last things I watched in his house before he passed away was John Wayne in "The Shootist." The movie choked me up, as I knew that my father, like John Wayne's character, didn't have that much time left. One of the last things John Wayne did before he left his hotel in that film was to buy his headstone.
     I had some interest in westerns as a younger man, as we lived in Phoenix - much of what we saw was filmed only an hour or so down the road. If you see those big saguaro cacti in the picture, it was filmed in central Arizona. The television show "High Chaparral" was one of these. 
     I was absolutely stunned recently when a younger co-worker admitted that they didn't really have any idea who Clint Eastwood was; they only knew him for the movie "Gran Torino." That's where YouTube comes in handy. This person had never seen Clint in action in his Dirty Harry movies, and had no clue as to what a "Spaghetti Western" was.
     A couple of weeks ago, I plunked down a few dollars and bought a triple-pack of these old Clint Eastwood westerns. Now I see why my father loved them so much. Especially "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," which is just an epic film. Not only for Clint, but for Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach who played the humorous villain Tuco. The movie was brilliant from start to finish - I laughed out loud when I saw this scene [link] Yesterday I just got done watching one of those modern films with tons of CGI, and I was bored by it. Hopefully, if you've never sampled one of these old westerns, you'll catch one somewhere...they don't really show them on TV much anymore. Just thought I'd share.
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Yoda Tutorial by Gulliver63
Yoda Tutorial
I was digging through my flashdrive, and came across this. In 2000 I did a tutorial for a friend at work. It just seemed appropriate, as I've drawn Spock from time to time. It's always fun as well to pull stuff out from "back in the day." Leonard, this one's for you.

As it was done at work on typing paper, please excuse the poor quality.
Beginning to Believe by Gulliver63
Beginning to Believe
The young technician aboard the Nebuchadnezzar looked at his computer screen in amazement. "What's happening?"
     Morpheus answered him. "She's beginning to believe." He now knew that Meg was the one. He would later tell Meg, "The Oracle only told you what you needed to hear."

     I've had this idea in the back of my brain for several weeks. This is probably the last of my Matrix series, at least for the first film. I may do something from the second film at a later date. I've had a lot of fun doing these Matrix cartoons. I listened to some great music while doing this - mainly "Can't Buy a Thrill" by Steely Dan from 1972… .

    Here is the original sketch, which was actually set in the second movie…

    I own neither Meg Griffin or The Matrix.
Leonard Nimoy by Gulliver63
Leonard Nimoy
My wife Nancy texted me today and told me that "Spock" had died. My mind floated back through the years - I first saw the show around 1971, as my brother watched it. Growing up in Arizona we all bought the AMT ship models from Smitty's. I not only watched him on Star Trek, but he was great on Mission Impossible as well. The second and third movies came out when I was in college. In 1986 I got to hear Leonard speak at SuperTrek in St. Louis, and he had some great stories to tell. This man has entertained me for a huge chunk of my life. 
      The scene that stuck in my mind today was where Spock was talking with Valeris, telling her that "history is replete with turning points." That scene really sticks with me after all these years. Leonard, thanks for so many memories over the years. And the universe will surely unfold as it should.
Human Suit by Gulliver63
Human Suit

"Janine, I have something of a confession to make; I'm not Betty Jo Reynolds from Pennsylvania. I'm actually part of the invasion fleet from Zorbifraxis. The invasion is happening even as we speak."
     There was a moment of silence. "Uh...what?"
     "Just turn on your TV there...any channel will do. See the ships? Earth will now become one of our backwater possessions. You will, of course, be spared...I've enjoyed our little chats."

     I recently saw a category here on dA called "Human Suit." I laughed, but only briefly, as it was brilliant. I immediately doodled what a human suit might look like. For ages this woman has been telling what she thinks is a friend all about her life, only to find that it was merely an alien scouting Earth as part of an invasion fleet. 
     This is also, if no one has noticed it before, an example of my own cartooning style. I've been wanting to change up a bit this year and do some different things. This is what my art looks like when I'm not borrowing someone else's cartoon character.

     Before leaving, the alien told her one more thing. "And you were right for dumping Stanley - he was a real louse of a guy."

Copyright Robert L. Fitzpatrick. 

Morgan Luana by Gulliver63
Morgan Luana
"Morgan Proctor was willing to go to any lengths to find her tax cheats, including living on the Barbarian Planet among the natives. And capture them she did - they got the audit of their lives."

This is yet another colab with Kaspired; after nearly five years of doing them, they never get old. After seeing his recent sketch of Amy Wong as Frazetta's Luana, I just had to try one for myself. He just released his finished version today, and it looks awesome… . Mine was a little more than just clowning around compared to his. But these Frazettas are fun. Here is the original sketch…
     Even though my friend's picture is much better, I still have to blather about something; I think that this is only the second time in my life I've ever drawn a tiger of any kind. And I'm 52 years old.
     Also, I was never really able to tell from the original whether her left leg is visible in front of the cat, or if she is riding the beast; I went for the former, and decided to show the leg. Here is the original, BTW… . Here was my other Frazetta…

I own neither the original image, or Morgan Proctor.

Morgan, you've been a very dirty girl.


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