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I took time out from my artwork today to take a needed side trip. The weather turned out beautiful, so I drove the two-hour road trip over to Champaign, Illinois just to do some "Bob" things. I looked through my journals the other day, and the last time I'd been there was in February of 1989 on a freezing cold day. Today was 77 and beautiful. 
      I discovered a wonderful used bookstore in the heart of downtown Champaign called Jane Adams Books. it was spread out over three stories, and had these neato rooms going here and there. In the science fiction section, I found a rarity; "Battle for the Planet of the Apes," which was written by none other than David Gerrold. Now that name may not ring a bell, but if you've ever heard of a Tribble, he created them. I bet you could scour half the country and not turn up this book. I also found a nice Asimov collection of short stories from gobs of authors. Real Bob stuff. If you've never read Asimov, look into him.
     Being an aviation nut, I also had to go to the airport. Darn nice FBO there, as it was 26 years ago. Got some nice photos of the flight line. It would have been a beautiful day to fly. 
     I've got to be to work bright and early tomorrow, so the real world intrudes again. But it was nice to shove some playtime in there on a rare Saturday off. And, if there are any Illini fans out there, I saw about a thousand tail-gaters getting ready for the big game. And it looks like you did well in that game.
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Maggie Goes Ape by Gulliver63
Maggie Goes Ape
"Bart, I don't want you letting Maggie watch those movies with you anymore..."

This was actually a second of two projects, and I thought this one was funnier than the first. I figure that if Maggie begins to talk, she's going to say something really important and dramatic. This, by the way, is the late Roddy McDowell's speech at the end of "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes." If you wanted to get our attention Maggie, consider it done.

As Marge took Maggie out of the room, she reached out her tiny hand and called out. "Soylent Green is people!"

Simpson characters are the property of Matt Groening.
Beneath the City of Quahog by Gulliver63
Beneath the City of Quahog
"Hey Lois, remember that time that you guys had a nuclear missile hidden away underneath the city?"
The other day I was sharing some "Planet of the Apes" movie stills with and he asked me, "You've got a project in mind, don't you?" Yep. This was one of the ideas that bit me in the brain. I ran across part of a "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" comic book, and wanted to try my hand at that type of monocolor and black shading of a comic panel. These guys are fun to draw this way, BTW. This is more of an experiment than anything else. Just a bit of fun. I also love the colors the girls are wearing.

      Peter looked surprised. "You mean you guys still have that nuke?"
      "Oh, yeah. If you want to go down and worship it, services are at 6:30 on Saturdays."

I own neither Planet of the Apes or Family Guy. For more monkey business, check out… and… and the piece that started it all,… .
Morgan Proctor Takes a Vacation by Gulliver63
Morgan Proctor Takes a Vacation
In one of my latest fanfictions, Futurama's most famous bureaucrat is forced to do something daunting and frightening: she's made to take a vacation. I first did this as a pencil doodle about a year ago, and forgot about it. She's determined to get the hang of this vacation thing, if it kills her. Along with her business paper and suntan lotion, she also has her drink called a Jupiter Red Spot. I have to give credit to long-time friend and work associate Robert Stewart for coming up with the name of the drink. I asked him one night, "What might someone drink in a starport bar?" Without hesitation he responded, "How about a Jupiter Red Spot?" Anyway, you're more than welcome to read the story of her travails…

Morgan Proctor is the property of Matt Groening.
One Helluva Bureaucrat by Gulliver63
One Helluva Bureaucrat
Morgan the bureaucrat woke up in a dark place. As she studied her new surroundings, she was confused. 
     "What happened? I remember the chariot crash - oh, my...I didn't survive the chariot crash! I'm in the Underworld...doomed to roam for an eternity in this dark place."
     Morgan then spotted something. "What's this? It's...paperwork..."

     I stumbled across a picture of my favorite Disney character the other day, Hades. And I thought, what better way for Zeus to torment him than by sending a bean-counter.

     Hades looked up at the ceiling. "Very funny, Zeus. Barrel of laughs. You can take her back now. Zeus?"
     "Are you listening to me, Mr. Hades? You'd better get used to this - I'll be back for these audits every century...on the dot."

I own neither Hades or Morgan Proctor.
Tease Color by Gulliver63
Tease Color
I was digging through my flash-drive for something totally unrelated, and came across this picture that I only recently added color to. The picture itself I did in India ink 8 years ago in a sketchpad. To my knowledge, no one has seen it; if they have, it was years ago in another website which is long gone. Just a simple picture of an astronaut getting his neck scratched by a huge fingernail of a giant. I don't have a lot of this old stuff around, and it's good to run across something like this. I didn't really work in color much in those days. And this has been sitting in my files with color for over a year.

Artwork copyright Robert L. Fitzpatrick


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